services-quality.jpgMeasure twice, cut once…

Mistakes happen. The key is to correct those mistakes before your order ships.  This is why we contract with an independent quality assurance agency ( ISO 9001:2015 accreditation) to insure our orders are produced to specifications.  

Being a key element of quality control, Product Inspections allow you to verify product quality on site at different stages of the production process and prior to its dispatch. Inspecting your product before it leaves the manufacturer’s premises is an effective way of preventing quality problems and supply chain disruptions further down the line.

Our QA experts have cumulative decades of experience in developing, producing, and testing products in China and Asia. So when they go into the factory, please know that our staff are seasoned and can fully understand your needs and the situation that they see before them.

We offer you a full spectrum of quality assurance solutions required to maintain the product quality that your customers demand throughout every stage of production.

1. Factory Background Checks

2. New Factory Identification

3. Factory Audits (Social & Technical)

4. Product / Order Inspections (Initial Production, During Production, Final Random, Pre-shipment, etc)

5. SGS Product Testing (CPSIA, FDA, etc)