Seven Sourcing was established in 2006 to advance a new idea of sourcing by providing a presence & the resources on both ends of the supply chain:  the client’s end & the factory’s manufacturing end. Rather than simply broker relationships between manufacturers & clients, we set out to provide a service that truly adds value to the entire buying process.

Our vision is to ensure what we can add a high degree to branding assistance, product design, process management, quality assurance, product safety & reliability to the manufacturing task. We apply our experience. We utilize a proven process and we ensure high quality. 

We make waves, we raise eyebrows & we dare our employees & clients to think differently. We brainstorm, encourage candid conversations & we pen ideas on bar napkins. We climb fences, ignore the obvious & never tread lightly.

We source our products at the lowest possible cost. However, we do not sacrifice quality to meet price points.

We meet & exceed expectations.